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Sheet cutting

Flat Laser Cutting

CNC Laser cutting sheet metal in Alberta

What types of metal can our laser cut?

Using the latest fibre laser technology we can cut mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum to suit a wide variety of needs. We can cut a variety of grades of finishes, such as mirrored.

What thickness can our laser handle? 

With our 6KW fibre laser we can cut mild steel precisely and efficiently up to 1” thick. We cut up to 3/4” stainless steel and 1/2” aluminum while maintaining a high cut quality and efficiency.

brackets cut from a metal laser in alberta
True Cut metal laser with tight ttolerances cutting sheet metal

 Other Laser Capabilities 

Our laser also has etching capabilities to keep track of part numbers. On thin materials we can utilize fly cutting to maximize production and efficiency. The laser table is able to comfortably fit 5'x10' material. 

If you provide files we can get you a quote within 1-2 business days. 

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